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The Oklahoma DUI lawyers at Fabian & Associates understand the seriousness of the charges you (or your child) are facing. While we in no way encourage drunk driving, we do believe you have rights that must be protected. In addition, we have witnessed many DUI charges issued against innocent individuals. And, believe it or not, sometimes overzealous police officers lie.

Innocent people do go to jail. Innocent people also lose their driver's license, job, and go through life with a criminal conviction on their record, and pay high fines and increased auto insurance if they are permitted to retain their driving privileges at all.

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Our unmatched knowledge, experience, and thorough preparation have led us to an enviable track record of success. We are Oklahoma's Largest Law Firm concentrating it's practice in the areas of DUI's, Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide and Drivers License Problems.

We feature Oklahoma DUI lawyer Stephen G. Fabian, Jr., a former police officer who has been a practicing attorney in Oklahoma since 1973. He served as General Counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) and legal advisor to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP). Mr. Fabian has taught Breath Test Operator training courses and trained the OHP in search and seizure laws as well as the laws of arrest in Oklahoma. He has tried thousands of DUI and driver's license cases in virtually every court in Oklahoma, and has been extraordinarily successful in retaining his clients' driver's licenses (including commercial drivers' licenses).

Oklahoma DUI attorney, Michael O'Brien is a former police officer of five years. Mr. O'Brien is certified by the Oklahoma Board of Tests as a Breath Test Operator, as well as Intoxilyzer Maintenance Supervisor. In fact, the firm owns their own Breathalyzer machine and know exactly how it should be operated, maintained, and its limitations.

Our team knows if your rights were violated, they know if tests were properly administered, and they know how get the information to assist you in a DPS hearing, a DUI criminal trial, and/or APC charges.

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