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Based in Oklahoma City, the drunk driving defense attorneys at Fabian & Associates have enjoyed numerous successes in representing clients throughout Oklahoma charged with a DUI or APC offense. Below are a few of the highlights we enjoyed:

In 1973, as the lawyer for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (the division responsible for driver's license hearings), Mr. Fabian organized the first Statewide Alcohol Countermeasure Task Force.

In 1983, Mr. Fabian created and implemented the newly revised Implied Consent Laws for Oklahoma, which is still in effect just as created by Mr. Fabian over 23 years ago.

In private practice, Mr. Fabian became the first and only attorney ever awarded attorneys fees against the DPS in driver's license cases arising out of a DUI, a feat he accomplished on seven occasions.

Mr. Fabian has taken dozens of cases all the way up the Oklahoma Supreme Court and has 39 decisions published. No other attorney has had more published opinions on the topic of DUI, APC, and driver's license matters.

Mr. O'Brien has also taken dozens of cases all the way up the Oklahoma Supreme Court and has had over one dozen decisions published, resulting in new or better defined DUI laws, including new laws regarding road blocks and secondary breath tests.

Mr. Fabian has taught other attorneys, police officers, and other law enforcement agencies on DUI laws.

Mr. Fabian uncovered the use of improper and unapproved equipment being used by the Oklahoma Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence. in DUI cases, and forced the recall of this equipment by the Oklahoma Board of Test for Alcohol and Drug Influence, despite the government's attempt to hide their mistake. This discovery resulted in Thousands of drivers maintaining and keeping their driver's licenses.

Mr. O'Brien is certified by the Oklahoma Board of Tests as a Breathalyzer Operator and Breathalyzer Maintenance Supervisor, and has successfully defended numerous clients against improper breathalyzer tests.

Mr. Fabian and Mr. O'Brien have successfully defended numerous clients in DUI and DPS hearings because of improper field sobriety testing.

Mr. Fabian has had over 46 Cases dismissed, over 14 of which were Felonies.


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To speak with one of our experienced Oklahoma DUI defense attorneys regarding your options or to learn more about our numerous successes, please call us at 405-232-4DUI (4384) or toll free at 1-877-HELP-DUI (435-7384), or complete our intake form on our Contact Us page. No one will fight harder to protect your rights.

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