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If you are charged with a DUI or APC, you can lose your Oklahoma driver's license privileges OR be disqualified from holding a Commercial Chauffeur's license. In order to avoid an automatic loss of your Oklahoma driver's license, you must request a hearing in writing within 15 days. You can do this yourself, or through your attorney.

This hearing is with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). This a separate civil hearing to determine if you should be allowed to retain your driver's license privileges in Oklahoma. Based in Oklahoma City, the DPS hearing defense lawyers at Fabian & Associates represent clients throughout Oklahoma facing the prospect of losing their driver's license privileges due to DUI or APC charges.

Our Oklahoma DUI Driver's License Privileges Defense Experience

Our DUI and DPS defense attorneys have defended literally thousands of individuals in DUI and DPS hearings, and achieving extraordinary success in allowing clients to retain their driver's license and driving privileges.

Both Stephen Fabian and Michael O'Brien worked for the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Mr. Fabian was General Counsel for the DPS, and ran the legal division (responsible for DPS hearings on driver's license revocation and suspension hearings).

Mr. O'Brien was an attorney for 7 years with the DPS where he prosecuted or sat as an Administrative Hearing Officer (judge) in thousands of driver's license revocation and suspension hearings.

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The earlier you get us involved in your defense, the higher the probability we can mount a successful defense or attain a favorable plea bargain.

Remember, you only have 15 days to request your DPS hearing or you will automatically lose your driving privileges!

To speak with one of our experienced Oklahoma City drunk driving defense attorneys regarding your DPS hearing, please call us at 405-232-4DUI (4384) or toll free at 1-877-HELP-DUI (435-7384), or complete our intake form on our Contact Us page. No one will fight harder to protect your rights.

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