Attorneys Stephen G. Fabian Jr. and Brian P. Young

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We have successfully defended thousands of people against DUI charges, including manslaughter, negligent homicide and DUI injury. Our work has helped shape DUI law in Oklahoma.

Attorneys Stephen G. Fabian Jr. and Brian P. Young

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Attorneys Stephen Fabian and Brian Young

Stephen Fabian & Brian Young

The Skilled Defense You Need And Deserve

At Fabian & Associates Inc, P.C., we understand what people are going through when they have been charged with a drunk driving or marijuana DUI. The prospect of losing your driver’s license, along with all the other consequences of a DUI conviction, is stressful and needs to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY and EFFECTIVELY. We will help you understand the process and we will use our decades of experience to create a defense strategy that is designed to put your legal worries behind you.

Experience Matters When So Much Is On The Line

We have been fighting to defend people against DUI charges for over 50 years. Part of our success lies in lead attorney Stephen Fabian’s former role as a police officer who served as counsel to the Department of Public Safety. His work included training police on proper DUI arrest techniques, breathalyzer operation and working as an Administrative Hearing Officer. Mr. Fabian knows Oklahoma DUI law from both sides, and that helps us identify when there are errors or issues that we can use to build a strong defense. You can trust us to build the defense you deserve.

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Client Testimonials

“Words cannot express how thrilled I am about the outcome of my DUI episode. You were just brilliant! You made things occur that were next to impossible. When my son told me that you do “magic” I was so skeptical, but I have personally experienced “The Fabian Magic”. Due to your expertise my life will be normal once again. I shudder to think what would have happened to me professionally if I had not had you to represent me.”

– Anonymous

“Many lawyers would have taken my money and then let the system grind me up. Your office truly functioned as a team, and while I hope I wasn’t the most troublesome client you’ve had, I know that during periods of emotional blackness [you and] Michael went the extra mile.”

– E.M.

“I would like to take the time to thank you and your staff for the job and performance of dedication and persistence you offered me in my time of need… I will also always recommend your firm to anyone in need.”

– T.J.

A Former Police Officer Shaping Oklahoma DUI Law

Mr. Fabian’s role as a former police officer has shaped not only our DUI defense strategies but also state DUI law. Mr. Fabian is the only Oklahoma DUI attorney who has been able to recover attorney’s fees and costs against the Department of Public Safety in a DUI case. He will fight hard to help you get your license back or help you avoid suspension in the first place.

Attorney Stephen G. Fabian Jr.