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Defending You Against Cannabis DUI Charges

When most people think of driving under the influence (DUI) charges, they think of alcohol. But driving while high can also get you arrested. In fact, driving with almost any amount of marijuana in your system can lead to charges if you’re unlucky enough to get pulled over and tested – even if you were perfectly capable of driving safely and didn’t feel high.

Given the continually shifting legal landscape involving cannabis, the law in this area is underdeveloped and untested in the higher courts. That means that there may be many avenues for challenging your charges. At the Oklahoma City-based law firm of Fabian & Associates Inc, P.C., we can defend you against weed-related DUI charges. We have more than 50 collective years of experience – which is the depth and breadth of DUI experience you need on your side when navigating this gray area of Oklahoma DUI law. Additionally, our lead attorney is a former police officer, so he knows the tricks that police and prosecutors officers pull.

We’re Known For Shaping Oklahoma’s DUI Laws Through Tough, Aggressive Representation

In this evolving area of law, you want a cannabis DUI lawyer on your side who is willing to stand up to the system. We have done that in all kinds of DUI cases. Through our appellate work, we have helped change various aspects of our state’s DUI laws, and we are well-equipped to do the same for marijuana-related DUI offenses.

How To Avoid Marijuana DUI Charges

While Oklahoma has legalized medical cannabis, its marijuana DUI laws aren’t friendly to those who use weed. Even if you smoked days or weeks before, you could get pulled over, get tested and face charges if enough metabolites still remained in your system.

The best way to avoid cannabis DUI charges is to avoid getting pulled over. Police won’t have grounds to stop you if you comply with all traffic laws, including keeping the registration current on your plates and your vehicle lights in functioning order. If you do get pulled over, don’t tell the police anything about your cannabis use, even if you have a medical card. They will often test you simply for carrying a marijuana card.

To put it simply, if you get pulled over, stay silent.

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