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From the moment you get pulled over to your last day in court, facing DUI charges comes with a lot of questions. For both first timers and those who have gone through the process before, it can be a frightening experience.

As you start looking for information, there is a lot out there that can make a DUI seem even worse. Although Oklahoma does take DUIs seriously, having an advocate to help you fight the charges against you can help you understand what you are up against and give you peace of mind about what will happen next. Learn more by reading the questions and answers here:

We Know How To Help

Often, a DUI is something that most people think will never happen to them. Like many, you may be unaware of the potential consequences and how your case will move forward.

Talking to an attorney about your DUI charges can help you determine the best strategy for moving forward. We can help you understand what options you have in your situation.

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