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A DUI Can Put Your CDL In Jeopardy

When your life is on the road, it can be more difficult to separate time on and off the clock. When a night to unwind after driving goes too far, you may not have the same resources for getting home. With strict DUI laws in place both federally and in the state of Oklahoma, you can quickly be looking at the end of your driving career.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has mandated a stricter rule for commercial driver’s license holders. For commercial drivers, the blood alcohol content limit is .04 percent. This means you will hit the legal limit a lot faster.

A Hazard To Your Livelihood

Unfortunately, the BAC limit is not the only piece that causes bigger problems for you as a CDL driver. The consequences are also severe. It can quickly become complicated when you are trying to fight charges and still keep your job.

Although the rules may vary from one company to the next, depending on the conviction and your earlier record, you could face losing your CDL for life.

A skilled lawyer can help you seek the best result possible. While it is best to seek help as soon as possible, we can help you understand your options at any stage of a DUI charge.

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