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Driving under the influence (DUI) charges can derail your life in a big way. You deserve fierce and capable representation to minimize or avoid the fallout. Fabian & Associates Inc, P.C. has been helping people fight DUI charges for over three decades. Based in Oklahoma City, we stand up for people from all walks of life, fighting hard through all stages of the proceedings.

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As a former police officer, attorney Stephen Fabian Jr. has seen both sides of a DUI case. He knows firsthand what the prosecution will bring to the table and what options you have available to you. He can use that experience to your advantage. With his experience as general counsel with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS), Mr. Fabian also understands the potential consequences you have ahead of you – and how to avoid them. He can help you fight to protect your license and your future. Oklahoma prosecutors see Mr. Fabian as a formidable opponent. He understands the law and knows how to help you pursue the best possible outcome for your situation. To learn more about us, click the links below:

Attorney Stephen G. Fabian Jr.
Attorney Brian P. Young

Extensive Experience In Oklahoma DUI Law

As an active member of the Oklahoma City community, Mr. Fabian has spent time training and lecturing fellow attorneys to help them learn more about DUI defense and how to advocate for people facing DUI charges. He also stays active in state and local legal associations. Mr. Fabian is the only attorney in the state who has been able to recover attorney’s fees and costs against the DPS in a DUI case. He will fight hard to help you get your license back or help you avoid suspension in the first place.

Mr. Fabian has been awarded the Lord Erskine Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

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Our attorneys fight hard against DUI charges. We can help you move forward with your case. Talking to a knowledgeable lawyer about the charges you are facing as early as possible will help you have the most options available to you. For a free consultation to discuss the charges, you can contact us online or call 405-213-0208.