Oklahoma's Oldest DUI Defense Firm

Attorneys Stephen G. Fabian Jr. and Brian P. Young


The following is a sample of letters we received from clients in Oklahoma we have represented.

Thanks for taking the trouble of sending these pix. I would be honored to have any of them on your wall — take your pick. As for the “thanks for letting me help you.”, well, my trusted councilor, I feel that I was indeed the fortunate one. Many lawyers would have taken my money and then let the system grind me up. Furthermore, your office truly functioned as a team and while I hope I wasn’t the most troublesome client you’ve had, I know that during periods of emotional blackness your or Michael went the extra mile. It helped so much that you believed in my cause…heck, it can be lonely out there.

I don’t know if this makes any difference to you, but I’d like to share a thought or two. Mr. _________, the prosecutor, still got his “pound of flesh”, although I’m sure he wanted much more. What I mean is, the ten months of this ongoing process took a toll — and I’m not referring to the expense. The endless appearances, the jail beating, the lack of closure, and the uncertainty of my future truly made for many bleak periods in my life. Hell, the fear of being tossed into a dungeon like Big Mac actually made me question whether I really wanted to keep breathing that eventuality. Before the trial, I wasn’t about to share with you such thoughts — not fair to let that weigh on you. Now that we’re done, I don’t mind letting you know that you may very well have saved my life. I don’t think I’m the type of individual who would have fared well with the predators locked away there. So, either way, you did much more than get a bogus charge thrown out, you gave me back my life. Steve, the sky is bluer today, the grass is greener, the flowers look heavenly…people smile, and I smile back. You’ve made a friend for life. I insist that you call upon me for any service that I could provide for you — some people say I’m something of a wizard when it comes to computers.
Warmest Regards”
– E.M

“Dear Gentlemen & Assoc.
I would like to take the time to thank you, and your staff for the job, and performance of dedication, and persistence you offered me, in my time of need. I shall always continue to make payments until my balance for your services are completely paid in full! I am in full confidence that your case with my cousins, will have the same victory. They are the ones that recommended your staff to me. I’m so glad they did. I will also always recommend your firm to anyone in need.

Again; Thank you so much!”
– T.J

“Dear Mr. Fabian,
Words cannot express how thrilled I am about the outcome of my DUI episode. You were just brilliant! You made things occur that were next to impossible. When my son told me that you do “magic” I was so skeptical, but I have personally experienced “The Fabian Magic”. Due to your expertise my life will be normal once again. I shudder to think what would have happened to me professionally, if, I had not had you to represent me. It’s like ___ said the Lord and you make a terrific team.
Thank you once again.”