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Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the DUI accident defense lawyers at Fabian & Associates Inc, P.C., represents clients throughout Oklahoma charged with drunk driving and have been involved in an accident.

Being in an accident while drinking and driving is a serious matter, especially if the accident victim(s) were injured or killed. If an accident victim was killed, you could be charged with manslaughter 1, which carries a sentence of four years to life imprisonment or negligent homicide, which is a misdemeanor.

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The Oklahoma DUI accident defense team of Stephen G. Fabian, Jr., Michael O’Brien and Brian P. Young is like having your own dream team of Oklahoma DUI defense lawyers. Please check out our firm and their credentials.

Mr. Fabian, himself a seasoned accident investigator, taught many of the legal procedures and laws of arrest to police officers, and Mr. O’Brien was a police officer for five years as well as a prosecuting attorney for the Oklahoma DPS. Both attorneys are intimately familiar with search and seizure issues, the constitutionality of any statements given and the laws of arrest. Both are experienced accident investigators and are knowledgeable in accident reconstruction techniques, and we also have knowledgeable experts available to help.

To speak with one of our experienced Oklahoma DUI accident defense lawyers regarding your drunk driving accident charges, please call us at 405-232-4DUI (4384) or toll-free at 1-877-HELP-DUI (435-7384), or complete our intake form on our Contact Us page. No one will fight harder to protect your rights.