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Oklahoma DUI Hearings

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Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the DUI hearings attorneys at Fabian & Associates Inc, P.C., represent clients throughout Oklahoma at DUI hearings as well as Department of Public Safety (DPS) hearings.

Our experienced Oklahoma DUI hearings team of lawyers can properly argue suppression motions (to have evidence against you excluded), preliminary hearings (to determine probable cause) and your criminal DUI trial.

In addition, we can represent you in your DPS hearing (regarding the suspension or revocation of your Oklahoma driver’s license). Our team of lawyers has the experience and knowledge you expect and prepare for each case as if it was their own.

If you have been arrested for DUI or have a DUI hearing scheduled, contact our DUI defense team for the aggressive, quality representation you deserve. Discover why the prosecutors and police dread us.

How Can Our DUI Defense Experience Help You?

  • Our DUI defense experience helps us gather information from the police during the DPS hearing and pretrial hearings that can help you in your criminal trial. We have the most extensive and thorough discovery techniques and methods in Oklahoma for gathering critical information about your case. Fine-tuned for over 20 years. No stone is left unturned to gather the important and critical information to use in your defense.
  • Our DUI defense experience tells us how much information to reveal during each phase of your trial. We understand what evidence is best brought out in pretrial motions and preliminary hearings, and what evidence will be most effective when presented at trial.
  • Our DUI defense experience allows us to present evidence in the best light.
  • Our DUI defense experience permits us to provide you with talented and aggressive cross-examination. We know how to trap police officers in their lies or misleading testimony.
  • Perhaps most significantly, our DUI defense experience allows us to properly evaluate your case and develop the best strategy for your defense.

To speak with one of our experienced Oklahoma City drunk driving defense lawyers regarding your DUI hearing or DPS hearing, please call us at 405-232-4DUI (4384) or toll-free at 1-877-HELP-DUI (435-7384), or complete our intake form on our Contact Us page. No one will fight harder to protect your rights.