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If you’ve been charged with a DUI and want to clear your record, hiring an experienced DUI expungement lawyer is essential. Fabian & Associates Inc, P.C., represents clients seeking to have their DUI convictions expunged, or to ensure that their expungement agreed to in plea negotiations actually occurred.

What You Need To Know About Expungement

Many people agree to accept a guilty plea with the condition that upon successful completion of the terms of your plea agreement (including any probation), your case will be dismissed, and your record expunged. What most people don’t realize is that there are two sets of records that you should have expunged — the court records (which often do get expunged as per the plea agreement) and the criminal history, which typically requires the filing of a separate lawsuit.

Even with the court records gone, you are still in the system, and your conviction is part of your criminal history that can be accessed by the FBI or other law enforcement agencies with access to criminal records.

Experienced Record Expungement Lawyers

We can help you ensure your court records were expunged if possible and that your criminal history is also expunged. To be expunged, the probation in your case must be concluded within one year from the date of the arrest.

There are time limitations, so please contact our Oklahoma DUI expungement attorneys ASAP . Your case must be dismissed within one year from the time of your arrest to file a lawsuit. Otherwise, you must wait for 10 years before you can file a lawsuit to have your criminal history expunged.

Obviously, we would be in the best position to ensure you are able to obtain an expungement if we are the attorneys representing you in the initial DUI trial. If it is in your best interest, we can attempt to negotiate a plea agreement that incorporates an expungement provision, as well as aggressively negotiate completion of any conditions within one year to allow us to file a lawsuit for the expungement of your DUI conviction.

To speak with one of our attorneys regarding your DUI charges, please call us at 405-213-0208 or contact us online. No one will fight harder to protect your rights.