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What Are Police Officers Looking For When They Stop Someone?

After you are stopped, the officers have been trained to look for certain symptoms that may indicate consumption of alcohol.

They are:

  1. Odor of alcohol on breath
  2. Red, watery, glassy and/or bloodshot eyes
  3. Slurred speech
  4. Staggering when exiting the vehicle
  5. Swaying or unsteady on feet
  6. Stumbling while walking
  7. Leaning on the vehicle for support
  8. Fumbling with a wallet trying to get your license
  9. Failure to comprehend the officer’s questions
  10. Combative, argumentative, jovial or other inappropriate behavior
  11. Soiled, rumpled, disorderly clothing
  12. Flushed face
  13. Disorientation as to time and place
  14. Inability to follow directions

The officer is trained to look for these things, however, they may arrest you solely because you smell like an alcoholic beverage. An arrest based solely on the odor of alcohol should be determined to be an illegal arrest by the court.