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Oklahoma officer resigns after DUI accident

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

A police officer with the Madill Police Department has submitted his resignation following his alleged involvement in a DUI accident on March 1. The incident occurred at around 2 a.m. in Madill at a railroad crossing on East Main Street.

According to law enforcement authorities, the police were called to the accident scene. The officer reportedly crashed his Dodge Charger into a small Chevy sedan, causing major damage to both cars. The woman who was driving the Chevy reported that she had back pain, so emergency medical services were called. The police reportedly noticed signs that led them to believe that the officer had been drinking, so they called the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for help.

After he was asked to submit to standardized field sobriety tests, the off-duty officer refused and was arrested. He was then transported to the hospital for a blood test before being booked into custody at the county jail. The Madill Police Department chief reported that the officer has since resigned from his job. There is no word about whether the blood test results have come back or what the officer’s blood alcohol concentration was at the time of the accident.

Drunk driving charges can result in major penalties, including potential jail time, stiff fines, community service, probation and mandatory alcohol classes. When someone is injured in a drunk driving accident, the penalties can be more severe. Someone who is facing DUI charges may want to retain a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after being charged. An attorney might be able to appear at an administrative hearing to try to protect the client’s driving privileges. A DUI defense lawyer might also secure a plea agreements to lesser charges or win a dismissal.