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Tiger King personality arrested for DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

Oklahoma resident Allen Glover, made famous by Netflix’s “Tiger King,” has been arrested for the DUI-related crime known as Actual Physical Control, or APC. Someone accused of APC must be shown to have a blood alcohol content over the legal limit of 0.08, but it does not need to be shown that the person was driving the car; being in the vehicle is enough. This law is unique to Oklahoma and is meant to prevent drunk driving.

Reporters did not have details on whether Glover’s car was even running at the time he was arrested, let alone if his keys were in the ignition. According to the police, Glover had a 0.26 BAC, more than three times the legal limit, which was sufficient to charge Glover with a DUI.

This may not be Glover’s first time under police scrutiny. Glover, whom “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic allegedly hired as a hit man to kill his rival, Carole Baskin, was suggested to have a drinking problem on the show. Glover may have been saved from prison in connection with the murder-for-hire charge brought against Exotic by testifying for the prosecution in Exotic’s case. Glover testified that Exotic paid him $3,000 to kill Baskin but that he did not make any attempt to complete the job. Glover has reportedly demonstrated strong animus against Exotic, and his bias against Exotic may play a role in Exotic’s attempts to be released from prison early before completing his 22-year sentence.

Some people who are arrested for APC have significantly lower BAC levels than Glover, including people who had no intention of driving the vehicle they were in. Since APC can carry a jail sentence of up to one year, it may be a good idea for people accused of APC to consult with a criminal defense attorney before entering into any plea deals.