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DUI and a commercial driver’s license

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2021 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

Getting a DUI as an everyday citizen is challenging enough, especially as they are typically expensive and have lasting ramifications when it comes to driving and operating a motor vehicle. If you receive a DUI while holding a commercial driver’s license, you are likely to face even more severe consequences. If you receive a DUI in the state of Oklahoma and have a commercial driver’s license, understanding the process, as well as your legal options, is a must.

Commercial drivers are held to higher standards

Those who receive a DUI and have a commercial driver’s license are typically held to higher standards than individuals who do not have a commercial driver’s license to their name. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, is an organization that prides itself on commercial drivers throughout the country. The following individuals and organizations are held to higher standards when it comes to receiving a DUI:

  • Civic organizations
  • Churches and religious affiliations
  • For-hire motor carriers
  • Private vehicle carriers
  • Anyone leasing or anyone assigned to drive and operate a commercial vehicle
  • Local governments, federal governments, and state governments

Blood Alcohol Limits

The FMCSA has determined that blood alcohol of 0.04 constitutes a DUI, especially for those who have a commercial driver’s license and for those operating and driving a commercial vehicle at the time they received their commercial DUI. Many other organizations and states themselves have since adopted the limit.

Seeking out an attorney who understands how to address and handle a DUI for those who hold commercial driver’s licenses is one way to put your mind at ease. With the right attorney by your side, gain peace of mind as you move forward with the proper procedure necessary to resolve your case in a court of law.