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How an Oklahoma DUI will affect your car insurance

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

When a police officer arrests you for driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Oklahoma, you probably know that the arrest will be expensive. The state estimates that DUI charges cost approximately $10,000 for the individual arrested because of court costs and fines.

People can lose even more money if they need to take time off of work for court or while they are serving their sentence. Even after you move on with your life, there will be lasting financial consequences for an Oklahoma DUI conviction.

One of the biggest effects will be on your car insurance. What will a DUI mean for your motor vehicle insurance policy?

What you pay will go up significantly

Insurance companies charge policy premiums based on the coverage someone wants and the risk that they create for the company. Individuals with multiple traffic infractions on their record are more likely, for example, to cause a car crash than someone who has never had a single ticket.

Drunk drivers cause some of the most catastrophic collisions and numerous fatality is every year, so a single DUI could have a significant impact on what you pay for insurance. The average driver without a DUI on their record will pay $1,787 per year for car insurance in Oklahoma. The cost increases to $2,566. That’s nearly $800 more for the same insurance coverage.

You might even lose your policy

If you would have had the same coverage for years, you might take it for granted that you can continue using the same insurance company and carrying the same level of coverage.

Individuals with other blemishes on their driving record or who fall into other high-risk categories might find that they no longer qualify for the same insurance coverage. They may have to move to a different kind of policy. In some cases, the insurance company that they have worked with for years will no longer underwrite their policy.

Drivers who recently plead guilty to DUIs sometimes get their licenses back, only to find themselves scrambling on a desperate search for new liability insurance policies. Learning about the insurance and financial consequences of DUI charges can help you evaluate if mounting a defense would be a good choice in your personal situation.