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Why stopping for a happy hour drink could lead to a DUI

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

Motorists in Oklahoma violate impaired driving statutes in many different ways. Some people go to a party or restaurant and then feel as though they have to drive home despite drinking quite a bit. Those involved in car crashes could fail chemical tests and end up arrested. Many others may not even realize that they are over the legal limit when they start their vehicles. Many of those accused of a DUI offense had no intention to break the law and may have merely been over the legal limit without any obvious signs of chemical impairment.

Drivers on their way home from work might decide to stop off at happy hour. Perhaps coworkers have gathered at a popular venue, or maybe it was a particularly rough day at the office. A brief detour for a happy hour drink might mean that someone ends up arrested for a driving under the influence (DUI) infraction.

Why happy hour can be a risk

There are many factors potentially present when stopping for a happy hour drink that might increase someone’s risk of unintentionally violating the law. If someone stops at a bar or restaurant they usually don’t patronize, they may not know the exact size of the drink or the habits of the bartender working there. A cocktail might end up being much stronger than someone anticipates. There can also be challenges in gauging impairment levels if people switch to a different drink than their standard order.

Happy hour can also be risky because people have not had dinner yet. Especially if someone skipped lunch or ate early in the day, they may essentially drink on an empty stomach. Doing so increases the effect of the alcohol and the speed with which the body absorbs it. Some people drink very quickly on their way home from work, which can also affect how the alcohol enters their bloodstream.

Finally, the afternoon rush hour has a reputation for being a dangerous time of day for crashes. There may be more police officers on the road looking for reasons to ticket or arrest drivers.

Exploring the circumstances leading up to someone’s DUI arrest in Oklahoma might help them plan a strategy to defend against their pending charges.