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Is There An Appeal From A Department Of Public Safety Hearing?

If you have a hearing at the Department of Public Safety and lose, there is an appeal from that decision. That appeal is to the District Court in the county where the arrest occurred. When an appeal is filed, a $250 bond can be posted, and the revocation will continue to be stayed, and you will be permitted to drive until that appeal is complete. You will be allowed to drive at all times and for any reason, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, with no restriction. That appeal is heard by a district judge in the county of the arrest. The court can either set the revocation aside, sustain the revocation, or sustain the revocation and grant a modification allowing you to drive a motor vehicle with an interlock (breath tester) device on your vehicle. The court may also grant you the authority to drive a vehicle owned or leased by your employer without the necessity of an interlock devise.