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Facing A Repeat DUI Charge?

Perhaps even more frightening than facing a first driving under the influence (DUI) charge is facing charges again. While the first time was terrifying and unfamiliar, DUI charges after that carry the particular knowledge of how much a DUI charge can change your life – not to mention potentially much harsher penalties.

As you are facing charges again, you may already be aware of the possible consequences and how severe they can be. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to understand the full impact of the consequences until after you have made a deal with the prosecution. Don’t make that mistake. Start by talking with an experienced legal team.

Fighting repeat DUI charges requires the skills of a seasoned lawyer who understands what is at stake. You need an advocate who has your best interests in mind. You will find that at the Oklahoma City law firm of Fabian & Associates Inc, P.C.. Backed by over 50 combined years of experience in Oklahoma DUI law – and the insight of a former police officer – our team has what it takes to tackle repeat DUI charges.

Repeat DUI Charges Come With Serious Consequences

Courts in every state tend to be especially hard on people who have multiple DUI convictions within 10 years. Oklahoma is especially strict on people who are facing repeated DUI charges, calling it a felony offense in some cases.

Repeat DUI charges could come with consequences including:

It is critical to talk to one of our skilled attorneys as soon as possible. The more time they have to help you prepare your case, the more options they will have available to help you fight a repeat DUI charge.

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