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Man facing charge of aggravated DUI after hitting school bus

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

A driver in Oklahoma was charged with aggravated DUI and child endangerment after he hit a school bus with his truck. The man was also accused of failing to stop for the school bus and carrying an open container. At the time of the accident, the driver was serving probation for a 2018 DUI in Texas.

Witness testimony could play an important role if this case proceeds to trial

Police were alerted to the crash by multiple witnesses who called 911. One witness used her cellphone to take pictures or video of the incident. That witness claimed the driver had been blasting his horn while repeatedly crashing into the bus. Another witness allegedly took the accused driver from his truck before officers arrived at the scene. Though there were several people who say they saw what happened, their willingness to cooperate with police officers and attorneys could play a role in whether the case settles or proceeds to trial.

Driver reportedly showed many signs of intoxication

Police officers at the scene reported that they were unable to perform a field sobriety test on site due to the man’s high level of intoxication. A test conducted later showed that the man’s blood alcohol content was three times the legal threshold for a DUI. Police also said that the driver was unable to hold himself up. Though the officers’ testimony could be damaging, a defense attorney representing the driver might investigate whether the test for measuring blood alcohol content was correctly calibrated and administered.

Despite lack of reported injuries, penalties against the driver could be severe

In addition to the 2018 DUI, the driver was also arrested in Oklahoma in 2009, but it was not disclosed whether that arrest resulted in a conviction. Past charges are one of many things that could result in steep penalties being assessed if the driver is convicted. Even in DUI cases that are not as severe as this one, caution is always advised. It is important for drivers to know their rights if they are accused of DUI and to speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately, especially if they have previous DUI incidents on record.