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DUI’s can have a long-term impact on college students

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

College is a time of growth for students. The rigorous academic environment can inspire them to devote more time than ever to their studies. However, there are many life lessons learned during this time as well. The most significant change for many is living away from home for the first time, with all the freedom and responsibility that accompanies it. Alcohol is another major issue among college students and can even involve binge drinking and excessive drinking. It can also lead to a DUI if they choose to drive home from the party or bar.

The lesson learned here is that it is always a bad idea to get behind the wheel after partying. However, students and their parents soon discover that there are a variety of other penalties and expenses that come along with the charges.

Typical issues involving students

Having a DUI on a student’s record can have a far-reaching impact:

  • Loss of license: The student may not be able to drive home for the holidays, nor perhaps hold a part-time job located off-campus that helped cover living expenses. If they live off-campus, it may now be challenging to get to class.
  • Academic standing in jeopardy: Law enforcement often notifies the university, which can lead to the termination of scholarships or financial aid. They may also be kicked out of campus housing, off of a sports team and in extreme cases expelled from school.
  • Limited employment options: Recruiters and managers may avoid candidates who have a DUI on their record, particularly in the fields of education, government administration, aviation, or medicine.
  • Penalties: Circumstances vary, but those charged can face jail time, court-imposed fines and community service.
  • Insurance: Students carried on the family policy will spike the cost of the motor vehicle policy for several years.

Ensuring the punishment fits the crime

With so much at stake, it is often wise for families to consult with an attorney based here in Oklahoma who has extensive experience handling DUIs. The lawyer can defend drivers against profiling and help determine if the stop was legal. They may also work with courts to ensure that the penalties reflect the nature of the infraction.