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What to know about DUI arraignments

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | DUI - Drunk Driving |

Within a few days of being taken into custody in Oklahoma for DUI, an individual will be arraigned. During the proceeding, a judge will read the charge that the defendant faces and ask if he or she needs an attorney. The defendant will also be asked if he or she wishes to plead guilty or not guilty to the charge. In some cases, an individual will be allowed to make bail or will be released without the need to pay bail.

Finally, the judge will let the defendant know when he or she is due back in court for pretrial hearings or other proceedings. At this time, the prosecutor is required to hand over any evidence used to charge an individual to that person or to his or her legal counsel. Those who are unable to afford legal counsel generally have the right to have attorneys appointed to them.

Generally, a defendant and legal counsel will receive copies of blood or other test results obtained at the scene of an accident or traffic stop. A prosecutor may also hand over copies of any notes taken by the police officer prior to taking a person into custody. Finally, a copy of the police report filed in the matter will be given to an individual for potential use in his or her defense.

Individuals who are charged with DUI might face a drivers license suspension or revocation even if they are found not guilty of the charge. Those who are convicted might spend time in jail, pay a fine or have to attend traffic school as part of their sentences. An attorney may be able to have evidence suppressed or cast doubt upon evidence in an effort to obtain a plea deal or acquittal.